Fall 2020 fashion trends

fashion 2020

Fashion that perfectly matches your own body shape (such as suits, blazers, and blouses), has long been a major fashion trend. In autumn 2020 the fashion trend will start a new round. While in the last few seasons the focus was mainly on trouser suits – so-called power suits – now the focus is more and more on the costume.

Instead of pants and blazers, it’s now a skirt with a blazer or jacket. The slightly masculine, boyish look of the Power Suits makes room for feminine, elegant looks. The fashionable costumes are perfect for business outfits, but they also come into their own in everyday life. For example with tough biker boots. Then the look looks extremely cool to edgy. You can also combine the outfit with a great gel nail polish brand like the ones you can find here: https://reviewnails.com/my-best-gel-nail-polishes/

Styling tip: So that the ensemble of skirt and jacket doesn’t look too conservative, you should use bright colors and modern prints. In addition, a mix of different cuts and materials is particularly exciting here.

Knitwear is the material in the fall of fashion 2020

Knitting is THE material of the hour. Sure, cardigans and cozy knitted sweaters are nothing new in autumn. But the warm fabric comes in all possible forms in the new season: whether as a skirt, trousers, top or even shorts – nothing works without knitwear in autumn 2020.

Fashion professionals prefer to style knitwear in an all-over look, for example a knitted midi skirt with a matching knitted top. Also popular: knitted pieces in off white, cream, pastel blue or light gray.

Must-have in autumn 2020: cool vests

Vests are celebrating their comeback in autumn 2020 and are among the fashion favorites of fashion girls. The nice thing about the sleeveless jackets: They make every outfit, no matter how boring, exciting, are perfect for cool layering looks and are also extremely practical. Because if it is still too warm in autumn for a “real” jacket, vests are the perfect companion due to their missing sleeves.

We prefer to style our trend piece with a maxi dress with a floral print and cool boots. We are also very fond of rough vests made of synthetic leather and casual denim vests – both of which are often oversized.

Fashion trend: glitter brings a good mood into autumn 2020

Is everything gray and black in autumn? Not so this year – at least when it comes to fashion. Because the well-known colors will be joined by shimmering metallic tones, rhinestones, and lots of glitter in autumn 2020.

Admittedly, the shiny pieces are not for everyone and it takes a little courage and a good styling hand at the same time. Because the glittering looks are definitely one thing: eye-catching! But combined correctly, the looks in silver and gold definitely bring a welcome change in the otherwise dreary autumn blues.